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    Let Us Help Sell Your Piano On This Site

    We can help you sell your piano. Advertise your piano to the many visitors on our site that return on a regular basis to find their perfect piano.
    Our site allows you to publicize your piano for sale without having to screen and/or accept all the phone inquiries. Furthermore, it allows you to provide all the information needed for their purchase decision. We reply to all inquiries for you and answer all the buyer questions and concerns. Once we qualify the buyer and they realize your piano is what they wish to purchase, they can simply make their purchase from our site. We will then notify you of the sale. Some may wish to actually see the piano before their purchase, and if so, we will connect the buyer directly with you for their viewing.
    With our site, we can add value to our listing with further information about your piano you may not even realize.
    Online Listing Rates:
    30 Days:    $39.95
    90 Days:    $99.95
    365 Days:  $199.95
    Complete the form with all information along with uploading up to 4 photos of your piano. Provide us with as much information as you wish so we may share this with your posting. Once submitted, you will be carried to the “Check Out” page for you to make payment.
    We look forward to matching your piano sale to the right piano buyer! 

    Donate Your Piano

    Donating your piano may be the very best way to accomplish what you wish. At first, since you would not receive any compensation you may think it would not be, but with the tax write off benefits along with how the IRS guidelines helps your donation, this method may very well be a viable option. The IRS does not currently require any written professional appraisal for items donated less then a market value of $5000. Determining the market value of your donation is left to you and your accountant to claim your tax deduction. Also, donating your piano to a 501(3)(c) non-profit charity of your choice, elminates all of the worry, cost of delivery, cost of make ready service, and even any need to having someone in your house to view the piano prior. If you wish to donate, we have had many to donate their piano to Visit their website to see their purpose of supporting piano education.